Who is Regal Hawke?

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“Sometimes our lives have to be
shaken up to redirect us to where
we are meant to be.”  – Regal


Whoever coined the phrase hindsight is 20/20 must have been on a faith walk with God. Looking back on Regal’s life, it’s easy to see that every experience, challenge, and millstone around her neck were orchestrated steps toward a life of serving God and inspiring others.

Regal persevered through insurmountable odds to become the woman she is today. Through many of life’s cultivating lessons she’s endured a gamut of challenges from which to choose. After a short but traumatizing, abusive marital relationship, it would take nine long and arduous years of perseverance to regain her memory, strength, and a positive sense-of-self. It was during these years of biblical study and unceasing prayer that Regal was imparted with the wealth of Spiritual insights she maintains today.

No matter how much I tried, I just couldn’t get away from
God’s calling on my life.”  – Regal

Regal knows first-hand the struggle to rebuild oneself after losing everything and being broken to the core. Still today, she is unable to find the words to articulate the sorrow and gravity of some of her life’s events. As those who have been broken are sent to restore the broken, Regal is called to restore sight to the blind and to set the captives free. Inspired by the Holy Spirit, she is an anointed vessel who’s been entrusted with Spiritual insights to help women find healing and restoration from the brokenness of deep-rooted relationship and emotional wounds.